Dr. Jennifer Qian

Dr. Jennifer Qian
(E.g., department and rank) Associate Professor
Louisiana State University, United States

Dr. Jennifer Qian is Associate Professor of Professional Practice in the School of Education, Louisiana State University, United States.

Dr. Qian currently serves as the faculty lead of the Master's in Educational Technology program in the School of Education at Louisiana State University, United States. Previously she was a doctoral faculty at Northeastern University (Massachusetts) and St. Thomas University (Florida), where she taught educational research methods courses and served as doctoral research chair. She has directed over 50 doctoral research on a variety of topics in education and has produced 32 doctorates.

Her research interests include technology-enabled academic transformation, digital transformation, and models of online education and best practices in online teaching for active and deep learning. Focusing on emerging technology and technology leadership, her most recent publications include four edited books: "Integrating Multi-User Virtual Environments in Modern Classrooms," "Technology Leadership for Innovation in Higher Education," "Teaching, Learning, and Leading with Computer Simulations," and "Advancing Educational Research through Emerging Technology." She also provides editorial service to SAGE and lGl Global.