Prof. Seyed Ehsan Hosseini

Prof. Seyed Ehsan Hosseini
(E.g., department and rank) Mechanical Engineering
Arkansas Tech University, United States

Dr. Hosseini is an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Arkansas Tech University
(ATU) since August 2017. He established “Combustion and Sustainable Energy Laboratory”
(ComSEL) at ATU working on several Combustion and Energy-based projects. Several graduate and
undergraduate students are working in various combustion/energy projects (such as alternative fuels,
renewable and sustainable energy, flameless combustion, vortex combustion, meso-scale
combustion, trapped vortex combustion, phase change material) in ComSEL. He has taught
Advanced Heat transfer (a graduate course), Advanced Thermodynamics (a graduate course),
Applied Combustion, Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Senior Design at ATU. Before joining